moro_kun: ([Ada] Derp derp derp.)
Moro ([personal profile] moro_kun) wrote2012-09-10 12:28 pm

088 -- HERP-A-DERP

... now that I'm done writing out most of my emotional vomit and feeling better about it, I've only just now begun to realize that I've been involved in roleplay for over three years now. It may not seem like a long time to most people -- and indeed, some have been involved in it for over a decade at the time of my writing this -- but still, I think three years is as respectable a time as any to stick around in such an emotionally volatile hobby.

Roleplay's one of the few places where I truly feel like I can be myself. I've met so many amazing people thanks to this thing, and I can honestly say I feel blessed to know such amazing people. Even if I have my moments. Really, I have to wonder how people can dismiss online things so easily... because after three years on and off the roleplay scene, I can honestly say that these bonds I've made are just as deep, or even deeper, than some of the bonds that I share with my own real-life friends.

If there's anything that I can ask for, one thing that I want the most... it's that I hope that this idyllic time can continue. Because I don't want this magical journey to ever end.

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