moro_kun: ([Zelos] WOOHOO IN THE BOX)
Moro ([personal profile] moro_kun) wrote2011-12-30 01:46 pm

081 -- The Move to DW.

So, this is just mostly a test post, but after seeing what's happened with LiveJournal and its usability I decided to go ahead and make a few journals for both RP and RL purposes.

Of course, the first journal I'd make is that of my personal journal, which I've been able to import quite successfully. Still working on the layout, but at the very least it looks readable. To all my LJ readers, I must apologize for not keeping in touch so often -- I admit that I've been so busy with things that I ended up forgetting. It doesn't help that I found Plurk's more useful for more instantaneous stuff and is generally for lazy people like me, so. Oops.

In any case, this post is to not only let people know I'm alive, but also to test DW's crossposting function -- this post will show up on both LJ and DW, if I have it right.

So how's everyone doing thus far? Excited for the end of the year?

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