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Yeah... about time I did this. LOL. Anyway, comment to be added to F-list!

And no, this doesn't apply to those who are already on it. lol *shot*
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... now that I'm done writing out most of my emotional vomit and feeling better about it, I've only just now begun to realize that I've been involved in roleplay for over three years now. It may not seem like a long time to most people -- and indeed, some have been involved in it for over a decade at the time of my writing this -- but still, I think three years is as respectable a time as any to stick around in such an emotionally volatile hobby.

Roleplay's one of the few places where I truly feel like I can be myself. I've met so many amazing people thanks to this thing, and I can honestly say I feel blessed to know such amazing people. Even if I have my moments. Really, I have to wonder how people can dismiss online things so easily... because after three years on and off the roleplay scene, I can honestly say that these bonds I've made are just as deep, or even deeper, than some of the bonds that I share with my own real-life friends.

If there's anything that I can ask for, one thing that I want the most... it's that I hope that this idyllic time can continue. Because I don't want this magical journey to ever end.
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So, this is just mostly a test post, but after seeing what's happened with LiveJournal and its usability I decided to go ahead and make a few journals for both RP and RL purposes.

Of course, the first journal I'd make is that of my personal journal, which I've been able to import quite successfully. Still working on the layout, but at the very least it looks readable. To all my LJ readers, I must apologize for not keeping in touch so often -- I admit that I've been so busy with things that I ended up forgetting. It doesn't help that I found Plurk's more useful for more instantaneous stuff and is generally for lazy people like me, so. Oops.

In any case, this post is to not only let people know I'm alive, but also to test DW's crossposting function -- this post will show up on both LJ and DW, if I have it right.

So how's everyone doing thus far? Excited for the end of the year?
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Seriously, though. Where does the time go...?

Here's to another year of craziness, RP, good things and much more! Though I might have to upload a muse listing soon, hehehe...

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...well. I've had better Thanksgivings -- the food's always good, at least. I'd be thankful for a lot more things except (1) my laptop's power cord exploded epically in a shower of sparks, and (2) I'm sick with a cold.

Still, even those two events have silver linings, because (1) the laptop AND my bedroom escaped unharmed, and the laptop still works -- it just needs a new power cord, and (2) I can recover in the knowledge that I don't has swine flu. Ick.

So, what else am I thankful for? Life, love, family and the whole lot of LiveJournal RP friends I've made this past year. ^___^

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I wish you all nothing but the best. :3

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Pick a fandom, any fandom I'm in. I will tell you:
1. One True Pairing Ship:
2. Canon Ship:
3. "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
4. "You are one sick puppy" Ship:
5. "I dabble a little" Ship:
6. "It's like a car crash" Ship:
7. "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
8. "Makes no canon sense but why the heck not" Ship:
9. "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
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Greetings all! It's that time of year again. The time for giving gifts to your dear friends and loved ones. And, for me, there is nothing more satisfying that getting someone something I'm sure they'll use and love. This year, Mori and Haruhi decided that it was high time our friend Moro had a LJ of his very own. A place where he can be bugged by keep up with all the wonderful friends he's made here on the world wide web! A place to pour out his teenage soul to those who know and love him! This, my friends, is the result!

So, merry Christmas, Moro! Here's a gift from us to you! Now everyone leave a comment and wish him a happy holiday season!

-Haruhi & Mori
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