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Yeah... about time I did this. LOL. Anyway, comment to be added to F-list!

And no, this doesn't apply to those who are already on it. lol *shot*

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Considering I set this journal up, I'd better be on your fl!

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LOL. Relax, you're on it. Why would I remove you, anyway? Like you said, you DID give me this journal, after all!

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Yeah, I know. :3

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LOL, does this mean you'll actually update more than twice a year? =D

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Good to have you on board then.

I look forward to thwarting all your future plans.

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Great... ^^;


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Waiiiii, RinRin and LenLen look so cute in that picture! ♥


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Huh? What?


...ah, yes. They are rather cute, are they not?


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Mn! Yes! RinRin and LenLen are always cute!

Walter: *asldkjlsf* ...hi.

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I've noticed. They do have a certain air of "cute" about them...

Miku: How is Walter-san today? :D

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RinRin says she likes to be cute! Ah, but LenLen always complains that people think he is a shota.

Walter: ...I'm doing well, if you must know.

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Ah, yes. Well, it doesn't help Len's case that he looks like a shota.

Miku: Good! I'm glad you're doing well, Walter-san!

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Ah? He looks like my little brother LenLen to me ...

Walter: *nods in acknowledgement* And yourself?

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Yes, but...

He still looks like a little boy to most people.

Walter: Good to hear...

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2/6 - I lied. |D;

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Re: 6/6 - DONE

[identity profile] 2009-05-23 10:57 pm (UTC)(link), Vocaloid spam get?

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Nice to see this journal is finally getting more use. >D

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Yes. I'm using this more. Ain't it amazing? :O

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Oh~ Found you~

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Hey, you sent me a message, sorry for replying to this post but it looks like your messages are set so only friends can send you something right now DX

You can use my icons and I'm glad to see someone else interested in playing him :3

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...orz. I thought I fixed that, too. Uguu. ><;

Anyway, thanks! I'll admit, when I first played it I didn't think I'd get an RP muse from it. Then Lionwhyte came along, and hten there was LOL to be had.

Who should I credit, your Lionwhyte account or your main account (which I... don't know)?

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I thought I was the only one who liked Lionwhyte, haha. Where are you planning on playing him? I'd love to watch the lulz.

...And this is my main account so use this one.

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Oooh, I see. Will do, then!

And... admittedly, I was considering just playing him in random dressing rooms, Dear Mun and fourth wall events because I want to get a better grasp in his character. Though if I do decide to app him, it might be in a place like Digital Dive, Island RP, etc. -- somewhere with a lot of people and where general lulz can be had.

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All I have are dressing rooms so far. I considered Amat but I do not think the world is ready for that yet XD

Well I will stalk if he shows up~ And possibly tag him with himself.

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFF Oh, god, Amat. The world really isn't ready for that yet. LOL

That will be quite fine with me~! That'll be madness incarnate, I'm sure. ^__^

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nngdhflkds HIII \o/ It's Julie heere! I hope you don't mind if I add you! o/


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No worries, I added you, too. XD WOOOOOOOOOOOO~!

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lol, I never use my journal cept to have access to Tales of Doujin >D -cough- anyway~ This is Yuu~! Add me♥♥♥

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XDDDDD lol, yay Tales doujin? ;D

Consider yourself friended, love~

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hi! i reserved Anna on [ profile] xi_rpg and i saw that you reserved lloyd and i was like OMG YAY! i was just wondering what story you're doing for lloyd we don't get mixed up and everything. D: i didn't see a way to message you so i left it here. i hope you don't mind!

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OMG hi! I'm Moro. And yus I reserved Lloyd! And omg yay mommy! This is just making my Lloyd muse very happy and gleeful and all sorts of yayness. XD

Anyway, I'm actually discussing it with the Colette-mun who reserved there, too, and... well, we still haven't gotten much. lol. But yes. If you want, you can message me on AIM if you have it? Feel free to respond if you're up for it and I'll PM you my AIM handle. Okay? :D

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I'm Ally! :) and yes I do have AIM! Message me your AIM and I'll talk to you about it then!

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Awesome! See you then!

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my AIM is "snowbelledarling" in case you see me on AIM or something. I had a feeling we were at different time zones lmao I'm EST. I think you have PMing disabled in your settings so I'll friend you so I'll be able to, kay? :) If we can't be on AIM at the same time we'll just send messages to each other.

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Oooh, okay. :o And lol, yay different time zones? Anyway, I knew I forgot something, so hopefully PM'ing will work next time you try it. lol

See you on AIM! o/

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HI I'm that Sheena-munthing from XI! Ahgod I feel like such a creeper but FRIENDED >.

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*friends* 83